A Review of various CRM Solutions

CRM or Customer Relationship Management is a database system that mainly allows businesses to manage its customers. It was introduced in the year 2000 but was not immediately adopted since most of them saw it as a mere customer recording system. They also felt it was quite expensive to them. Later on it won the hearts of many and it is now used by almost every business irrespective of size.

There are currently a number of CRM Solutions: Microsoft dynamics CRM, SalesForce CRM, and Sugar CRM. Some of the most popular CRM packages include Sales CRM. This is part of client management Software that is popular with many businesses. Some programs such as SaleForce use this software. This software is used for tracking current and future customers. This is highly essential for any company since leads normally translate to sales. This is achieved easily since leads give data about a potential client in regard to why they filled a contact form that led to the lead. Current customers can also be advised about current products based on their past purchases.

Campaign Management CRM is also popular software that is ideal for the marketing department. This is not only is ideal for managing campaigns but is also used in creating and promoting campaigns. Examples of some solutions that apply this strategy include SaleForce. This normally makes and controls Internet advertisements using Google AdWords. The use of Microsoft Dynamics using email and address data normally imported by Microsoft Outlook is also popular. Many companies who would like to target customers based on their geographic location apply this. The prospective customers can be given special offers.

The most common used software among these is the Microsoft Dynamics. This is probably because many firms are well versed with some of its packages such as Windows XP and Microsoft Office. On the other hand SalesForce uses various suites that collaborate with Google AdWords that apply CRM in analyzing the keywords, which prospective customers have entered in Google while searching for their contact form. Available also is a prime tracking system that facilitates campaign management.

Some other software program packages that have had a share in CRM include SAP Customer relationship Management. This has been applied by various large-scale organizations since it is capable of handling them. Other latest CRM software packages include Siebel and Peoplesoft. These have merged with Oracle and makes use of Oracle Data management technology. CRM has brought plenty of benefits to businesses and there is plenty to look forward to given the fact that technology keeps changing everyday.

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