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Most of web users are using search engines in order to find goods and services, because 95% of the customer’s buying cycle is happening without contacting the suppliers. A step has already happened if they land on your website, especially in the B2B niche sector. Furthermore, once these visitors or these prospects turn into an important sales potential, how do you communicate with them, how do you confirm that you can meet their needs, or even simply keep in touch with them?
The answer to bring must include the implementation of a content strategy that is aiming to encourage the visitors of your website or social media to download e-books, interact and share your content, and participate to your events. Thus, you will not only measure the traffic of your website, but also the conversion rate into sales of leads/prospects.

Why You Need to Implement Marketing Automation?

Implementing a content strategy must be considered by companies as a need instead of just as an option.

Content marketing: the key to success of your inbound marketing strategy
The vast majority of your prospects are doing online search before their purchase. Furthermore, the core principle of marketing is to be known among your clients and prospects. Integrating content marketing to your marketing strategy will help you to reach the following goals:

— Improve the brand image and the reputation of your company.
— Generate leads and qualify prospects.
— Earn the trust of your prospects and clients.

Statistics and trends do confirm it:
According to the last statistics of the Content Marketing Institute:

— More than 80% of the marketing managers mention that they implement a content marketing strategy.
— Marketing managers allocate 28% of their marketing budget to content strategy.
— The main goal that marketing managers hope to reach through content a marketing strategy is lead generation (85%) and sales (84%).

The Difference Between content Strategy and a Media Agency

You work with a communication agency and you wonder about the added value of content marketing to your organization.

Media agency

— Advertising campaigns at a discontinuous frequency pace.
— Media purchasing to broadcast ads.
— Communication strategy mainly based on ads, slogans and offers.
— Inward-looking communication towards the brand and it offers.
— Communication strategy which success is related to the widest broadcast of the produced messages.

Content marketing
— Ongoing continuous production.
— Focusing on the strength of your brand that becomes your own media to broadcast your content.
— Storytelling based communication strategy (customer experience, testimony, before/after, etc.).
— Content that is based on the centers of interest of the target in order to meet its needs.
— Strategy that encourages interaction with the brand and the creation of a community of fans, while positioning it as the leader of its market.


Solutions Metrix will provide you will the necessary advice, tools and means to boost your campaigns and reach your sales objectives through an implementation process that has proven its efficiency, as well as guidance through the implementation process of your inbound leads generation strategy.

Implementation of an Inbound Leads Generation Strategy: More Than Simple Steps, a Whole Philosophy!

Definition of Personas
In order to address your marketing offer to the right group or target segment and keep focused on the final users, workshops are being organized with your marketing team, during which we will go through the following steps:

Step 1: Exploratory Analysis of Your Ongoing Activities
The goal of this step is to collect the largest amount of information about the current or future users of your products and service, through:

— Sector analysis
— An interview with the members of your team.
— An analysis of the different current marketing and sales actions.
— Marketing tools.
— A website and forms to integrate.
— A review of social media.

Step 2: Identifying The Key Parameters of The Definition of Personas

The goal of the analysis phase is to identify behaviors of personas in order to create groupings, through:

— Identifying behavioral variables and the profiles of personas.
— Identifying related behavioral patterns.
— Determining the different buying cycles based on the types of prospect.
— Identifying communication channels by persona.

After these steps, we will build a cartography of users defined by the different behavioral dimensions and grouped by similarity.

Implementation of an Inbound Leads Generation Strategy: More Than Simple Steps, a Whole Philosophy!

Definition of The content to Broadcast by Persona and by Buying Cycle:

Content Calendar
It’s the base of content marketing. Once personas are defined, we will help you in order to build your content calendar while taking into consideration the problems/needs of your personas that your product can address. We will also set together your sales and visibility goals.

We will define the communication channels through which the content calendar will be broadcast.

Do you need more information?

Definition of The content to Broadcast by Persona and by Buying Cycle:

With our consultative approach we give you all necessary support to achieve your marketing goals.

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