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How can uncertainty lead to better business in the future?

CRMSeptember 21st 2020

A CRM-focused blog about sales in 2025 It used to be so simple: a territory, a brand-new box of business cards, and a handshake. Salespeople of yore made do with the simplest tools to deliver decent results; selling a tractor, a clothing line or a dial-up Internet connection is somewhat easier when customers aren’t overwhelmed […]

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Fast forward into the future of marketing

GénéraleSeptember 21st 2020

Leveraging CRM and Marketing Automations technology in today’s socio-economic landscape for tomorrow’s reality Understanding the rapidly changing needs of today’s customers and keeping them engaged is keeping marketers on their toes. It’s clear that, more than ever, the need to leverage best-in-class technology will allow companies to thrive in the years to come, as volatile […]

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Riding the Wind of Change from a Customer Relationship Management Standpoint

GénéraleAugust 26th 2020

What do we know today that could help us gear up for 2025? The global pandemic is precipitating changes in how we work, do business, and deliver goods and services. Isolation is hindering social interactions, as well as business connections. The traditional methods of interacting with customers, partners, vendors, and the public have been challenged […]

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“Please hold” – Best Practices for Insurance Providers

best practicesJuly 30th 2020

Have you factored 🎶Muzak🎶 in your customer service offering? Well, if your agents are consistently putting your customers on hold to retrieve profiles over a few different systems and platforms, you should! It is well known that companies are using various strategies to attract, service and retain customers, so ambiance might be a relevant business […]

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Why Creatio is Ideal for Insurance Brokers

CRM ROIJuly 30th 2020

Bringing the pieces together  Have you ever had to login to your sales systems only to toggle to your marketing database before accessing a client file on your phone? Individually, these systems work pretty well; they do what they’re supposed to do. But it’s the 360° view that gives you an edge; having the whole […]

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TCO CRM blogpost

The TCO of your CRM and its Economical Impact on your Business

best practicesMay 31st 2018

A major implementation project such as a CRM can raise many questions about the economic impacts that this can bring to your business. The calculation of Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) becomes an indispensable tool to calculate the profitability of your project in the short, medium and long term. It is also important to consider […]

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Revenue Growth

Five Revenue Building Habits to Teach Your Sales Team

best practicesMay 23rd 2018

Odds are that your sales team is a rich amalgam of different types of personalities, backgrounds, and experiences. Yet, I’m betting that one thingmost people on your team have in common is that they’re innately driven and always looking for new ways to continue to perform at the highest levels. One of the best things you can […]

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GDPR Data Protection

CRM & GDPR: What the “GDPR” Means for Canadian Businesses

best practicesMay 16th 2018

The General Data Protection Regulation is a control measure that will come into effect May 25 2018 and regulates the collection of data for European residents. However, these new regulations don’t just affect companies in Europe.  In fact, the GDPR will affect any business that processes the personal data of European residents.  Canadian businesses that […]

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Improving the browsing experience of the visitor of your website

Improving the browsing experience of the visitor of your website: the best practices

best practicesMarch 15th 2018

The web is a polyvalent media that meet the needs and goals of all kinds of users. While we are in the middle of the digitalization era, to be online, or not, is not even a relevant topic. Thereupon, the question you must ask yourself is rather “how to be online?” Like the storefront of […]

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Turning Your Website into a Lead Generation Machine

best practicesJanuary 12th 2018

Today’s buyer has virtually unlimited access to information. They have the power to find and discover products at their convenience and direct their own paths to purchase. Buyers mainly do this online, which means that your website has become your most valuable marketing asset. The better you know your customer, the better you can shape […]

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Differences between CRM and marketing automation

CRM Tools: Differences Between CRM and Marketing Automation

best practicesDecember 10th 2017

It’s not always easy to find the way within the wide range of software, between the different approaches and applications of client information systems. In this article we will clarify the nature and the utility of these two main families of software in order differentiate CRM and marketing automation.   The Importance of a CRM […]

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Choosing for a CRM

CRM Solutions: Our Comparative Guide

best practicesNovember 6th 2017

Why the CRM is vital for your customer relationship management?   A CRM solution is a database that centralize, secure and manage the customer relationship related data. This type of software will help you to structure your activity and increase significantly its performance. As a sales or marketing manager, you most probably already know a […]

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