Advantages of Cloud CRM

Cloud customer relationship management, or CRM, is the use of cloud-based products, or technology, to improve the customer relationship between a company and its present and future clients.

Clients manage their personal profile, price lists, orders, meetings, payment information, and more directly from your website.

By integrating the Client Portal present on your website or a third party site to your CRM system, you keep your operations in sync at all times. Clients conveniently access their order & payment history, activity information and more on their own time without any need for human interaction from employees. Orders made by clients are instantaneously received by the CRM and assigned to the right person. This is only a glimpse into what can be accomplished with integrations with your CRM.

Sébastien Forget
Sébastien Forget
Sébastien est passionné par l’entreprenariat, ce qui lui a permis de fonder Solutions Metrix qui se spécialise dans le domaine du CRM. Depuis 2008, la compagnie à implanté plusieurs centaines de systèmes CRM dans l’est du Canada. Elle continue d’offrir ses services à plusieurs compagnies figurant dans le Fortune 500. En maintenant toujours une forte croissance, Sébastien mène Solutions Metrix vers sa vision d’être le chef de fil dans l’aide aux entreprises canadiennes afin qu’elles puissent plus compétitives grâce aux solutions informatiques destinées à améliorer la force de vente, le marketing et le service à la clientèle.
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