CRM Module: Marketing Campaigns

Enterprise Resource Planning platforms (ERPs) are great. However, they are rarely integrated with Customer Relationship Management platforms. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is the industry term used to describe a broad

Clients manage their personal profile, price lists, orders, meetings, payment information, and more directly from your website. By integrating the Client Portal present on your website or a third party site to your CRM system, you keep your operations in sync at all times. Clients conveniently access their order & payment history, activity information and more on their own time without any need for human interaction from employees. Orders made by clients are instantaneously received by the CRM and assigned to the right person. This is only a glimpse into what can be accomplished with integrations with your CRM.

Your completed CRM database is a resource and an information spot but it shouldn’t be viewed through such a narrow prism. The CRM database may also be used to implement and execute a marketing strategy. Basically by having your completed CRM profile, you will be able to
segment your leads better and reach your customers more effectively. This is an invaluable marketing tool and one which can’t be overlooked.

CRM is the best way to measure ROI. Traditional systems will give you metrics, like click thru rates, visits, etc. but not the actual sales figures. Don’t forget that when leads are follow-up properly, they have 6 times the closing ratio. Having leads sitting in emails box is not a way to monitors leads. Your closing varies on different variable that you won’t be able to measure.

Sébastien Forget
Sébastien Forget
Sébastien’s passion for entrepreneurship led him to launch Solutions Metrix, a firm that specializes in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. As of 2008, Solutions Metrix manages hundreds of CRMs in eastern Canada and continues to offer CRM services to numerous Fortune 500 companies. Sébastien maintains a strong growth trend for Solutions Metrix by leading the mission to help Canadian companies be more competitive in data management for sales and marketing.
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