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CRM System Comparison

One of our service offerings involves analyzing your business line and comparing CRM systems to determine which one best fits your organizational needs. There are several CRM platforms with a multitude of functions. Pinpointing which one will work best for your organization in the initial phase of CRM integration is a crucial step before implementation.

Evaluation Requirements

As experts in the evaluation of different CRM platforms for organizations, our methodology involves mapping the customer requirements to the standard set of functionalities available in the systems. Additionally, we also engage in identifying and evaluating our clients’ future needs that we anticipate based on their current ones to provide them with a platform that is equipped to meet the organization’s future demands. As a part of the process, Solutions Metrix also identifies some non-functional requirements that need to be evaluated during the process as critical to the success of different CRM projects. The following requirements, for instance, are established with the client and need to be prioritized:

  • Ease of use (user experience/interface)
  • Scalability
  • Community support
  • The financial strength of the vendor
  • Software flexibility
  • Deployment vendors
  • Add-ons in the marketplace
  • And others.

Evaluation Methodology

Solutions Metrix evaluates current and future business requirements (both functional and non-functional) and targets multiple platforms that could offer the required functionalities. The following steps are involved in the evaluation methodology of different systems:

  1. Filling the evaluation sheet for each platform based on customer requirements.
  2. Adding weightage to the points prioritized with the organization.
  3. Performing analysis and identifying the top two solutions.
  1. Elaborating on the recommendations.
  2. Setting up a demo with the customer for the selected platforms.


From the analysis of the above-mentioned factors, we can recommend the platform that scored the most points on the combination of functional and non-functional requirements. We also go a step further and build a CRM business roadmap and technical implementation plan, followed with tips to make the most of the platform, such as:

  • Other tools available on which you can get discounted bundled prices.
  • Tips to get the best user adoption.
  • How to optimize your change management process.
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