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Training is often overlooked in the deployment process. Many organizations view it as one more line item on an already long list of items they are paying for when, in reality, it increases the ROI of your CRM. Therefore, we require it with every project. Training improves your CRM deployment’s success by ensuring that your team knows how to get what they want out of it. To make sure you get proper training, we bring in a dedicated trainer who is an expert on the product. We build you a customized plan and then train you on your own CRM instance. We offer tailored training based on our clients’ needs and infrastructure. We can help you take advantage of your CRM platform by creating real scenarios.

  1. Interactive, hands-on CRM workshops to determine user needs.
  2. Super user (admin) training with a software training specialist.
  3. Advanced training for the employees based on their roles and responsibilities.
  1. User-specific training for CRM main users.
  2. Other training as needed.