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Leverage Low Code Solutions

Most of the leading CRM solutions are evolving to empower Business Analysts and end-users to maintain and enhance these systems. Hence, it reduces the dependency on the IT team to maintain the CRM systems as compared to the legacy systems which required development efforts to build and enhance their capabilities. The out-of-the-box mobile availability of these platforms removes the dependency to build a custom application layer on legacy apps.

Reduce Maintenance of Multiple Systems

CRM systems provide the ability to integrate with multiple business tools and replace a number of legacy systems by maintaining meaningful customer information in a centralized platform. This benefits the end users also as they need to navigate to fewer systems to access customer information.

Reduce Maintenance of Multiple Systems

Reduce TCO

The calculation of the total cost of ownership (TCO) becomes an indispensable metric to calculate your IT systems profitability in the short, medium, and long term. SaaS CRM solutions decrease the pull from your infrastructure team and provider-driven upgrades require no to little IT effort. Moreover, functionalities like automated deployments, backups, source control, and HA/DR result in lower hardware and resource costs. Benefiting from pre-built add-ons and connectors with leading systems reduces time to set up integrations; thereby reducing the overall cost of ownership of the systems.

Reduce TCO
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