How to Leverage Best Practices from Pokémon Go’s™ Success for Your Marketing Campaigns?

Over the course of the last few weeks, Pokémon Go™ has been all the rage and has smashed all previously held records of application downloads. Contrary to public perception, the popularity of the application was not only limited to teenagers; but has transcended all age categories.

Divergent to the great majority of digital applications, Pokémon Go™ offers a play area without incessant advertising. This makes us ponder how one could take advantage of the success of Pokémon Go™ to increase sales.

Here are Some Inspiring Examples for all to Make Use of:

Buy “Lure” and Attract Pokeman Go™ Players to your Businesses

By buying “Lures,” as an owner of a restaurant you could attract Pokémon Go™ players to catch Pokémon, and at the same time for them to discover today’s menu. “Lure” is a key component of the Pokémon Go™ game and is valid for 30 minutes. Several notable restaurants and pizzerias have dropped multiple “Lures” and gained new customers with minimal cost and effort.

“Gym Battle:” Take Advantage of the Proximity of Players to Your Business

If your business is not located far from a “Gym Battle” you can once again take this as an opportunity to invite the players to come and catch Pokémon all the while using social media to promote it as an event.

Organize Promotional Campaigns around Pokémon Go™ 

Another way to take advantage of the mass popularity of Pokémon Go™ is to organize promotional campaigns which have objectives to inform players that you are closely located to “Pokestops” or a “Gym Battle.” You can then offer special discounts for your goods or services to the winners. You should leverage social media to convey your messaging to all.

Clearly Pokémon Go™ is a phenomenon of immense popularity that brings forth excellent growth opportunities for sales and marketing departments alike. Like anything it is necessary to make sure that you leverage it in a way that is unique to your specific business model, your clients and prospects. One thing’s for sure; creativity has no limit! Your turn to play!


Sébastien’s passion for entrepreneurship led him to launch Solutions Metrix, a firm that specializes in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. As of 2008, Solutions Metrix manages hundreds of CRMs in eastern Canada and continues to offer CRM services to numerous Fortune 500 companies. Sébastien maintains a strong growth trend for Solutions Metrix by leading the mission to help Canadian companies be more competitive in data management for sales and marketing.
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