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Discover our Marketing Automation Offer

Discover our Marketing Automation Offer

Marketing Automation Partners

As your Marketing Automation Partner, Solutions Metrix can join you on your quest to establish digital marketing best practices in your organization. We can help in areas such as:
• Social Media
• Email marketing
• Lead generation strategies
• Content creation
• Lead Scoring
• Customer engagement
• Budgeting activities
• And more

Solutions Metrix is not only focused on the product. To deliver a successful marketing automation project, we must guarantee to meet customer needs and requirements through all phases of the marketing automation project. As a partner, we are committed to delivering a project where end-users will be satisfied with the platform.

Your assigned Digital Marketing – Product Owner (PO) has the role of keeping the project tasks linked and in alignment with your digital marketing objectives. Through high-frequency communication, updates, feedback, and continuous monitoring of all phases, we can guarantee the success of the project.

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