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Main Form inside other Main Form

ArticlesMicrosoft DynamicsNovember 11th 2021

Form component with Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform Microsoft has been doing a great job when it comes to user experience performance, for all of those who have worked with CRM since the very beginning we can now say there are multiple ways to capture information without opening lots of windows or navigating away from the […]

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Do you miss solution explorer?

Articlesbest practicesOctober 21st 2021

Make sure to use powerapps with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Are you a Dynamics/PowerApps consultant? Are you using the new maker portal ( And by using the new maker experience for solutions do you miss the Object Explorer? Those good days when you had just one window and you were able to navigate through all objects, […]

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Guide to Top‑of‑the‑Market Marketing Automation Platforms

ArticlesGeneralOctober 17th 2021

Marketing Automation platforms can change the way you attract, generate, nurture, and convert leads. These tools consolidate your efforts in one platform, helping you to manage customer data, lead acquisition strategies, email campaigns, social networks, events, and much more.

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What is the Best CRM Platform For Your Business?

ArticlesCRMJuly 15th 2021

A CRM software is vital to your company but which one should I choose A CRM is a software that helps businesses manage customer interactions and leads. Every business needs CRM software as it can significantly improve business processes and performance. It can help businesses effectively manage their operations.  How to choose a CRM platform? […]

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6 Tips on Choosing CRM Solutions for Pharmaceutical Companies

ArticlesCRMJune 15th 2021

Finding the right CRM software for your business requires knowing your options. Here are tips on choosing CRM solutions for pharmaceutical companies.

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Choosing for a CRM

CRM Solutions: Our Comparative Guide

Articlesbest practicesMarch 24th 2021

Why a CRM is vital for your customer relationship management? A CRM solution is a database that centralizes, secure and manage the customer relationship-related data. This type of software will help you to structure your activity and increase significantly its performance. As a sales or marketing manager, you most probably already know a CRM software. […]

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Lead Generation —5 Errors to be Avoided

Lead Generation — 5 Errors to be Avoided

Articlesbest practicesFebruary 26th 2021

Find the right CRM platform to do lead generation As the manager of sales and business development, the lead generation is your daily challenge. To reach your objectives, you are constantly hunting leads that will then need to go through a filter process to qualify them, so you can eventually convert them into opportunities with […]

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Dominating the pharma industry with a powerful CRM solution

ArticlesCRMFebruary 11th 2021

CRM for pharma The revolutionizing nature of the life science industry is challenging today’s sales representatives to be faster, sharper, and authentic. In order to meet such demands, they rely on elite, progressive CRM applications that are specifically tailored to their reality. To be highly efficient and attain aggressive objectives, they need to be more […]

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How can uncertainty lead to better business in the future?

ArticlesCRMSeptember 21st 2020

Increase your sales with a CRM platform A CRM-focused blog about sales in 2025 It used to be so simple: a territory, a brand-new box of business cards, and a handshake. Salespeople of yore made do with the simplest tools to deliver decent results; selling a tractor, a clothing line or a dial-up Internet connection […]

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Fast forward into the future of marketing

ArticlesGeneralSeptember 21st 2020

Leveraging CRM and Marketing Automations technology in today’s socio-economic landscape for tomorrow’s reality Understanding the rapidly changing needs of today’s customers and keeping them engaged is keeping marketers on their toes. It’s clear that, more than ever, the need to leverage best-in-class technology will allow companies to thrive in the years to come, as volatile […]

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