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Ebook: Policy-Driven to Customer-Centric in the Insurance Industry

eBooksCRM BenefitsJune 22nd 2022

Many insurers are turning to CRM tools to reshape their business from a policy-driven to a customer-centric organization to stay competitive and keep up with changing customer needs.

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Ebook: Demystifying Digital Transformation for Museums and Cultural Venues

eBooksCRM BenefitsJune 15th 2022

A customer relationship management (CRM) system can help you streamline many aspects of running your venue, including organizing and tracking visitor data, engaging with your audience, and effectively marketing your location to potential visitors.

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Ebook: Realities and trends in the pharmaceutical industry

eBooksCRM BenefitsApril 15th 2022

As physicians are becoming more tech-savvy, companies and their sales reps have even more reason to harness the advantages of implementing a CRM system to transform their business into a digital-first company to increase revenue opportunities and sales

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Pick the right CRM in the Pharma Industry

Ebook: What to look for when selecting a CRMs platform in Pharma industry

eBooksCRM IndustriesNovember 22nd 2021

The revolutionizing nature of the life science industry is challenging today’s sales reps to be faster, sharper, and authentic. To meet such demands, they rely on elite, progressive CRM applications specifically tailored to their reality.

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Ebook: The state of Low-Code/No-Code in 2021

eBooksCRM BenefitsAugust 5th 2021

A global survey of 1,000+ leaders that have adopted or consider adopting low-code/no-code.

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Ebook: CRM Trends in 2021 for the Insurance Industry

eBooksCRM IndustriesApril 26th 2021

Improve insurance processes and shorten claims resolutions with a CRM system specifically tailored for the insurance industry!

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Ebook: CRM Trends in 2021 In the Professional Services Industry

eBooksCRM IndustriesFebruary 10th 2021

How to communicate in the after pandemic era. The lockdowns caused by the pandemic across the world have accelerated new ways of doing business and communicating with customers. Combined with the role of technology, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, faster service-providing processes may become a game-changer for the industry. It’s a good time to optimize […]

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Ebook: Top CRM Trends in 2021

eBooksCRM BenefitsFebruary 10th 2021

More companies and businesses will be adopting a CRM system for the first time in 2021. In fact, not doing so would suggest staying behind and having a harder time fighting off fierce competition or keeping up with the flow. From native machine learning and cognitive AI, or consolidated marketing tools and integrated social media, […]

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