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The state of Low-Code/No-Code in 2021

eBooksGeneralAugust 5th 2021

A global survey of 1,000+ leaders that have adopted or consider adopting low-code/no-code.

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CRM Trends in 2021 for the Insurance Industry

eBooksGeneralApril 26th 2021

See how CRM systems aren’t only gaining interest but are also becoming a sheer necessity for a growing number of professionals in the insurance industry.

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Professional Services 2021

eBooksGeneralFebruary 10th 2021

The lockdowns caused by the pandemic across the world have accelerated new ways of doing business and communicating with customers. Combined with the role of technology, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, faster service-providing processes may become a game-changer for the industry.

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CRM Trends in 2021

eBooksGeneralFebruary 10th 2021

More companies and businesses will be adopting a CRM system for the first time in 2021. In fact, not doing so would suggest staying behind and having a harder time fighting off fierce competition or keeping up with the flow. From native machine learning and cognitive AI, or consolidated marketing tools and integrated social media, […]

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eBooksGeneralDecember 16th 2020

The revolutionizing nature of the life science industry is challenging today’s sales reps to be faster, sharper, and authentic. To meet such demands, they rely on elite, progressive CRM applications specifically tailored to their reality. Download our free E-Book on what to look for in a CRM platform for pharma and gain direct insight into […]

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