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Webinar: Policy-Driven to Customer-Centric in the Insurance Industry

WebinarsCRM BenefitsJune 22nd 2022

It is paramount to focus on the customer in today's insurance industry first and foremost. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies, insurance agencies can implement a robust digital transformation initiative to streamline critical processes such as policy renewal, claims management, and onboarding.

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Webinar: Future CRM trends in 2022

WebinarsCRM BenefitsJune 15th 2022

Future CRM trends in 2022   Being Up To Date On CRM Software. The New Trends For 2022 92% of businesses say that CRM is a crucial tool in achieving their revenue goals. Growing adoption of CRM software, sharper insights powered by AI, and more sophisticated data integration are all examples of the future of […]

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Webinar: Demystifying Digital Transformation for Museums and Cultural Venues

WebinarsCRM BenefitsJune 15th 2022

Demystifying Digital Transformation for Museums and Cultural Venues Well-managed culture venues and museums can reap rich rewards. Inefficient processes and data silos can lead to missed opportunities and lost revenue. Discover how a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system can provides the insights and strategies you need to manage your customer relationships more effectively, increase visitors, […]

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Webinar: Realities and trends in the pharmaceutical industry

WebinarsCRM BenefitsApril 27th 2022

Realities and trends in the pharmaceutical industry Learn how Creatio’s no-code CRM solutions can improve your marketing efforts and day-to-day operations. As physicians become more tech-savvy, there is even more reason for reps to leverage the benefits of implementing a CRM system to: analyze data and process customer profiles, perform predictive analysis plan for strategic […]

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CRM for Manufacturing - Remote Work

Webinar: No-Code CRM for Manufacturing Industry

WebinarsCRM BenefitsApril 19th 2022

Get an in-depth look into how no-code can help you foster innovation and build a digital-first organization. Get insights and practical advice on smart factories, supply chain resilience, operational excellence and digital maturity in manufacturing. How will manufacturing and its supply chains look like by 2025? Discover how a No-Code CRM can help you be […]

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Webinar: Sales strategies: are you ready for the new era?

WebinarsCRM BenefitsOctober 27th 2021

How a CRM can boost your sales 2020 has turned out to be a historic year, and we quickly had to adapt to a world where face-to-face contact is limited, if not impossible. The situation has put businesses and consumers in an interesting position: we are all grappling with the same issues. Companies that are […]

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Webinar: The Impact of COVID-19 in Pharma

WebinarsCRM IndustriesSeptember 23rd 2021

A View of the Tech Challenges and Digital Opportunities The pandemic has certainly challenged the global pharmaceutical industry, and companies need to adapt their strategies quickly, to evolve alongside these changes.  Today’s sales representatives and marketers need to be faster, sharper, and more authentic, to follow the increasingly demanding needs of their clients.   To reach their […]

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Webinar: Improve your sales reps efficiency with a no-touch CRM

WebinarsCRM BenefitsOctober 14th 2021

Get an effective CRM for your salesperson An effective CRM system is an identifying characteristic of successful brands and businesses. Customer profile analysis and content personalization are the two leading factors in identifying customer needs and converting those needs into profitable sales. However, besides the lack of user adoption in CRM tools, data entry is […]

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Webinar: Museum operations are simplified with an all-in-one connected solution

WebinarsCRM IndustriesOctober 6th 2021

Are your business goals limited by data segregation and multiple platforms? *Only available in French*

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Webinar: How companies leverage Microsoft to improve their customer experience

WebinarsCRM Solutions(Fr) 7 octobre 2021

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for the Construction Industry Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement has revolutionized the construction industry by addressing the lack of digital transformation among manufacturers and general contractors. It has helped companies by digitizing and automating crucial aspects of their business, from lead generation to customer service and service, and more, effectively modernizing the industry […]

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