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Solutions Metrix consultants are specialists in major CRM solutions like Creatio, Sugar CRM, Microsoft Dynamics, SalesForce and more. These articles take deep dives into tips and tricks our customers leverage every day to get the most from their CRM solutions.

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From Policy-Driven to Customer-Centric Approach in the Insurance Industry

ArticlesCRM BenefitsMay 25th 2022

A customer relationship management (CRM) system helps insurers track customer data and interactions, allowing them to personalize policies and services for each individual, improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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Demystifying Digital Transformation for Museums and Cultural Venues

ArticlesCRM BenefitsMay 11th 2022

A customer relationship management (CRM) system can help you streamline many aspects of running your venue, including organizing and tracking visitor data, engaging with your audience, and effectively marketing your location to potential visitors.

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Marketing – A New Way To Engage With Doctors And Patients

ArticlesCRM BenefitsMay 3rd 2022

As the world moves quickly, new options arise for people to explore. Digital marketing has opened up endless possibilities and opportunities to stand out from competitors. It has grown exponentially over the pandemic years. In this article, we will look at easier ways for people to engage with doctors.

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Data Management Applications for Pharma

ArticlesCRM BenefitsMay 3rd 2022

Excellent data management is a critical factor for a company’s long-term success. With the web becoming mainstream and online business booming following the COVID-19 pandemic, the use of data management applications has grown significantly. During this time, no-code solutions have notably risen to help companies efficiently collect, manage, analyze, and process data to keep the doors of growth and opportunities open.

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Webinar on Realities and trends in the pharmaceutical industry

WebinarsCRM BenefitsApril 27th 2022

Discover how Creatio’s no-code CRM solutions can improve your marketing efforts and daily operations. As physicians are becoming more tech-savvy, sales reps have even more reason to harness the advantages of implementing a CRM system to: Analyze data and process client profiles Use predictive analysis  Plan strategic growth Plan and track fundraisers and CME events […]

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CRM for Manufacturing - Remote Work

No-Code CRM for Manufacturing Industry

WebinarsCRM BenefitsApril 19th 2022

Get an in-depth look into how no-code can help you foster innovation and build a digital-first organization. Get insights and practical advice on smart factories, supply chain resilience, operational excellence and digital maturity in manufacturing. How will manufacturing and its supply chains look like by 2025? Discover how a No-Code CRM can help you be […]

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Realities and trends in the pharmaceutical industry E-Book

eBooksCRM BenefitsApril 15th 2022

As physicians are becoming more tech-savvy, companies and their sales reps have even more reason to harness the advantages of implementing a CRM system to transform their business into a digital-first company to increase revenue opportunities and sales

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Pharma Persona Challenges

ArticlesCRM BenefitsApril 15th 2022

Pharmaceutical representatives face several persona-based challenges. The pharmaceutical landscape has changed. As a result, sales reps’ roles evolve because of provider consolidation, an increasingly savvy consumer base, and regulatory pressure.

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Realities & Trends in the Pharmaceutical Industry

ArticlesCRM IndustriesApril 11th 2022

Remote healthcare has surged after COVID-19 as providers and patients sought ways through which they can safely deliver or access medicine. In 2020, remote healthcare increased up to 78% from February to April and up to 38% overall during the pandemic. Consumers are now more interested in telehealth, and providers are also more focused on providing remote healthcare. Moreover, this trend has emerged due to specific regulatory changes.

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How to set up the Auto Complete field control feature in Dynamics CE

CRM SolutionsDecember 13th 2021

Standardize your data input Previously if we want to standardize the data input for some of the OOTB fields such as Country, we need to create a new custom field such as lookup field or an option set field. This might cause issues for certain types of OOTB fields such as Job Title since the […]

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Main Form inside other Main Form

ArticlesCRM SolutionsNovember 11th 2021

Form component with Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform Microsoft has been doing a great job when it comes to user experience performance, for all of those who have worked with CRM since the very beginning we can now say there are multiple ways to capture information without opening lots of windows or navigating away from the […]

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Do you miss solution explorer?

ArticlesCRM SolutionsOctober 21st 2021

Make sure to use powerapps with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Are you a Dynamics/PowerApps consultant? Are you using the new maker portal ( And by using the new maker experience for solutions do you miss the Object Explorer? Those good days when you had just one window and you were able to navigate through all objects, […]

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