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Fast forward into the future of marketing

GénéraleSeptember 21st 2020

Leveraging CRM and Marketing Automations technology in today’s socio-economic landscape for tomorrow’s reality Understanding the rapidly changing needs of today’s customers and keeping them engaged is keeping marketers on their toes. It’s clear that, more than ever, the need to leverage best-in-class technology will allow companies to thrive in the years to come, as volatile […]

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Riding the Wind of Change from a Customer Relationship Management Standpoint

GénéraleAugust 26th 2020

What do we know today that could help us gear up for 2025? The global pandemic is precipitating changes in how we work, do business, and deliver goods and services. Isolation is hindering social interactions, as well as business connections. The traditional methods of interacting with customers, partners, vendors, and the public have been challenged […]

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TCO CRM blogpost

The TCO of your CRM and its Economical Impact on your Business

best practicesMay 31st 2018

A major implementation project such as a CRM can raise many questions about the economic impacts that this can bring to your business. The calculation of Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) becomes an indispensable tool to calculate the profitability of your project in the short, medium and long term. It is also important to consider […]

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Differences between CRM and marketing automation

CRM Tools: Differences Between CRM and Marketing Automation

best practicesDecember 10th 2017

It’s not always easy to find the way within the wide range of software, between the different approaches and applications of client information systems. In this article we will clarify the nature and the utility of these two main families of software in order differentiate CRM and marketing automation.   The Importance of a CRM […]

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Shopping for a CRM

CRM Tools: What Not to Forget When You are Shopping for a CRM?

CRMOctober 25th 2017

The concept of customer relationship management (CRM) is not new. For years, organizations of all types have been deploying some type of software designed to better capture customer and prospect data, streamline business processes, and provide greater visibility into the business. However, many CRM products and implementations lack critical components needed to succeed in today’s […]

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Solutions Metrix blog - marketing automation video

Marketing Automation – Sales & Marketing – United More Than Ever

GénéraleMarch 29th 2016

In just a few years, marketing automation has become one of the most innovative solutions in marketing and customer relationship management. Marketing automation easily integrates with CRM, providing marketing managers a complete and evolutionary sales solution. Today, I suggest you to view  a video produced by Solutions Metrix, which will allow you within two minutes […]

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