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The marketing evolution

Why Marketing Automation is Important ?

best practicesMarch 28th 2017

Marketing, as many other industries, is taking advantage from the technological breakthroughs of our time. Automation is taking over many types of tools, from household appliance and energy consumption to cars. Marketing is also part of the industries being changed, for the best of your marketing projects. In this article we will detail you the […]

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social media and customer satisfaction

How to use social medias to increase your customer’s satisfaction?

best practicesMarch 8th 2017

Social medias : how important it is to use them as communication tools Nowadays, the entrepreneur that created its start-up can use a major asset: to be known quickly and widely through social medias. Some young companies have built their communication and identity around it, with success. LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter… social medias aren’t a […]

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5 good reasons to invest in a CRM system

best practicesFebruary 23rd 2017

A CRM solution is a database that support centralizing, securing and managing your customer related data. This type of software will help you to structure your business and to increase significantly your performance. As a marketer, you are most probably familiar with a CRM software. If not, you don’t have to worry because we will […]

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Customer love - Solutions Metrix Blog

CRM Software: How to increase your clients’ fidelity?

CRM FeaturesFebruary 14th 2017

Since the 70’s, customer satisfaction is the core of all marketing strategies. Related to the quality or the value of the product, it has long been considered as an automatic factor of customer’s loyalty, with the idea that a happy customer is a captive customer. This is obviously not accurate anymore in a current context […]

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Fighting Monsters in your CRM – How to Keep Your Sales Representatives Efficient?

CRMOctober 31st 2016

You have decided to provide a Customer Relation Management tool to your sales team, but you are scared that it will not be accepted, or not be enjoyed at full capacity. Or even worse, that your sales representatives will waste their time to create tasks and reports instead of doing the most important: selling your […]

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The Landing Page – A Powerful Tool to Convert Leads

best practicesOctober 27th 2016

Like most of the companies, small or big, you have started to think about your lead conversion process, with a precise strategy including goals, as well as some content and actions to be taken. Furthermore, did you think about including the landing pages as a part of this process? The purpose of this article is […]

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CRM Strategy: Do you know well your customers?

best practicesOctober 21st 2016

You are already used to consolidate your database by adding listings of contacts. But in order to be successful with your marketing and sales campaigns, did you spend enough time to know well your prospects as well as your clients? During the prospection, the follow-up, or the retention of an existing base, it is critical […]

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Keep a Close Eye on Your Leads with a CRM

Keep a Close Eye on Your Leads with a CRM

best practicesJuly 25th 2016

Lead Management: Reason for Being and Purpose In this increasingly competitive economic environment, your daily priority is to generate enough leads and to convert them into opportunities. Implementing a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is definitively the technology solution that will simplify your life and enable your sales representatives to be autonomous and effective. CRM: Optimize […]

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Inbound leads - marketing automation

Inbound Lead Generation: Strategy & Best Practices

best practicesJuly 8th 2016

According to Forrester’s article “The Forrester Wave™: Lead-To-Revenue Management Platform Vendors, Q1 2014, the companies that implemented marketing automation tools noticed a strong relationship between their sales and marketing through various elements. A 13 % advantage when defining and executing programs on the ground A 17 % improvement when working with customer and prospect requests […]

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Solutions Metrix blog - marketing automation video

Marketing Automation – Sales & Marketing – United More Than Ever

GeneralMarch 29th 2016

In just a few years, marketing automation has become one of the most innovative solutions in marketing and customer relationship management. Marketing automation easily integrates with CRM, providing marketing managers a complete and evolutionary sales solution. Today, I suggest you to view  a video produced by Solutions Metrix, which will allow you within two minutes […]

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CRM- Tool

CRM: An Indispensable Tool for the Sustainability of Your Organisation

CRMFebruary 23rd 2016

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a set of systems for optimizing and maintaining relationships between a company and their customers, which develops loyalty and increases company revenue. CRM implementation allows each department within an organisation to reach system information and offer better customer service by offering products or services best adapted to the customer’s expectations. Customer Relationship Management – […]

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CRM Tools: How to Evaluate the ROI of a Good CRM

CRM ROINovember 2nd 2015

CRM has become a big part of most corporate companies. It is a useful tool in improving the relationship between the company and its clients. Most of the general public however do not know what CRM is all about. This article is meant to explain how one can evaluate the ROI of a good CRM. […]

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