Social CRM: The myth and the reality

I often speak with customers and prospects that have a preconceived definition of Social CRM, or more likely, they may have not even heard of it. There is no “official” definition of Social CRM (nor is there one for CRM – other then it means Customer Relationship Management system!), so I will try to elaborate from my experience and what we at Solutions Metrix understand of Social CRM.

The myth. It is often thought that Social CRM is a very unique technology that under one umbrella, allows me to gather all the information of my contacts social media information & activities and bring them into this one super special system. Unfortunately, those systems or tools do not exist. Primarily because each of the social media platforms (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.) are very protective of their client information. They won’t let any plug-in or application get their important user information and push it into a traditional CRM. The myth of Social CRM is where you can have this magical unified view of your contacts in one system.

The reality. In fact, Social CRM is an approach to engage with your prospects and customers, a strategy using both Social & CRM platforms. We all know that social media are new channels to exchange with contacts thru specific groups and communities (the first word “Social”). Traditional CRM now has some views on those social media profiles, without copying the information that infringe upon privacy rules of the major social media platforms. Thru the use of those “3rd party connectors” you can use some of your contact’s social media information to interact with CRM (the second word “CRM”). Here’s an example of something that can be done: “if one of my contacts changes title or company in my LinkedIn network, I want to be automatically notified”. So, it is possible to leverage some of the information thru the connection of information. The other key approach with Social CRM is the ability to listen to social media feeds and turn posts into leads and create a truly intelligent inbox for your sales team.

As our role as practitioner, we have compiled a list of best practices around Social CRM in one of our eBooks. We also included information on CRMs and 3rd Party tools that we have tested that can help you achieve a Social CRM approach. Check it out and let us know what kind of experiences you have had so far with Social CRM.

To get more information, you can download eBook Social CRM: the myth and the reality, just by clicking on the link bellow:

Sébastien Forget
Sébastien Forget
Sébastien’s passion for entrepreneurship led him to launch Solutions Metrix, a firm that specializes in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. As of 2008, Solutions Metrix manages hundreds of CRMs in eastern Canada and continues to offer CRM services to numerous Fortune 500 companies. Sébastien maintains a strong growth trend for Solutions Metrix by leading the mission to help Canadian companies be more competitive in data management for sales and marketing.
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