During the last SugarCon 2016, SugarCRM announced the launch of the Customer Journey Plugin ™. According to Clint Oram, chief marketing officer and co-founder at SugarCRM:Adding the Customer Journey Plugin to Sugar stems from the feedback we received during the i2i workshop tour,” Sugar usersknow how important it is to align themselves to their customers’ point-of-view, but users also want a powerful tool to unite CRM best practices with their customers’ decision journeys.”

Defining a Customer Journey Map Enables Businesses to Adopt The Customer Perspective:

 With the Customer Journey Plugin, companies can catalyze the evolution of their customer relationships since they understand what steps must be taken in order to properly establish a relationship. Not all leads, opportunities and accounts are equal. The value of a lead to convert to a prospect or opportunity depends if their needs as a lead have been met.

Leads who have more of their needs met have a higher probability to become prospects; the same principles go for goals such as: customer retention, expansion, cross-sell, upsell and customer advocacy. To achieve any of those goals, customers themselves need to achieve a set of predefined criteria first.

The SugarCRM Customer Journey Plug-In™: Benefits & The Main Features:

The main features of the new SugarCRM plugin are:

  • A Customer Decision Indicator: allows SugarCRM users to display the individual customer stages throughout the entire decision journey.
  • An Advanced Decision Workflow Panel: describes quickly every action the user must complete in order to help a customer advance to the next decision stage.

The Customer Journey Plug-In will improve considerably the SugarCRM users’ experience, such as:

  • Companies can capture their customers’ journey maps within their Sugarinstallation.
  • It facilitates companies’ adoption of the customer perspective, enabling them to effectively guide their customers throughout those journeys in a consistent manner.
  • Companies can operationalize the integration of the entire journey.
  • Lead conversion and updating a sales stage on an opportunity are transformed from internal status indicators to triggers that initiate activities within the customer’s experience.
  • Companies can prioritize their customer engagements and to maximize each of those engagements by addressing the correct need at the correct time.

With Customer Journey Pluging ™, SugarCRM users will be able to streamline processes that synchronize all customer-facing activities, form marketing and sales through on boarding and renewal.

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