No-Code CRM for Manufacturing Industry

Get an in-depth look into how no-code can help you foster innovation and build a digital-first organization.

Get insights and practical advice on smart factories, supply chain resilience, operational excellence and digital maturity in manufacturing.

How will manufacturing and its supply chains look like by 2025? Discover how a No-Code CRM can help you be more efficient and increase sales:

  • Marketing and Promotions. Streamline personalized omnichannel marketing campaigns and increase lead-to-opportunity.
  • Quotes, Orders and Invoices. Find out how no-code can help your business streamline quote management, order processing, billing and invoicing.
  • Supply Chain Management. Uncover the opportunities of supply chain 4.0 and learn the new era of interconnected, intelligent and automated value chain.
  • Sales and Distribution. Automate all types of sales, create sales forecasts and boost the efficiency of field sales activities with no-code tools.
  • Procurement. Orchestrate purchasing plans, requests and forecasts with automated workflow to efficiently close contract.
  • Customer Support. Streamline customer and partner support via omnichannel helpdesk and improve customer satisfaction without coding.
  • Production management. Reduce product development time and increase margins by streamlining design, production and maintenance workflows.
  • Risk and Compliance. Learn about the latest technologies to improve your risk management and ensure regulatory compliance across the organization.
  • Corporate Lifecycle. Align your business processes within one platform and implement unified and transparent HR workflows.

Quotation and Order Management: A Step-by-Step Guide to Implementing Efficient Workflows using No-Code

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