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Do you miss solution explorer?

best practicesOctober 21st 2021

Are you a Dynamics/PowerApps consultant? Are you using the new maker portal ( And by using the new maker experience for solutions do you miss the Object Explorer? Those good days when you had just one window and you were able to navigate through all objects, entities, web resources etc, well let me tell you […]

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Guide to Top‑of‑the‑Market Marketing Automation Platforms

GeneralOctober 17th 2021

Marketing Automation platforms can change the way you attract, generate, nurture, and convert leads. These tools consolidate your efforts in one platform, helping you to manage customer data, lead acquisition strategies, email campaigns, social networks, events, and much more.

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Sales strategy: Are you ready for a new era? (FR)

WebinarsCRMOctober 26th 2021

Join us on October 26 at 1:30 p.m. for our webinar to discuss new sales force management practices!

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Improve your sales reps efficiency with a no-touch CRM.

WebinarsCRMOctober 14th 2021

An effective CRM system is a characteristic of successful brands and businesses. Customer profile analysis and content p An effective CRM system is an identifying characteristic of successful brands and businesses. Customer profile analysis and content personalization are the two leading factors in identifying customer needs and converting those needs into profitable sales. However, besides […]

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Museum operations simplified with an all-in-one connected solution.

WebinarsCRMOctober 6th 2021

Are your business goals limited by data segregation and multiple platforms?

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How companies leverage Microsoft to improve their customer experience

WebinarsCRMOctober 7th 2021

Dynamics 365 customer engagement has revolutionized the construction industry by addressing the lack of digital transformation of manufacturers and general contractors.

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10 Key Indicators For Successful CRM Implementation

WebinarsCRMOctober 26th 2021

We have heard the importance of implementing a good CRM system, but the question often asked is “how and where should i begin?”.

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The state of Low-Code/No-Code in 2021

eBooksGeneralAugust 5th 2021

A global survey of 1,000+ leaders that have adopted or consider adopting low-code/no-code.

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categorize your clients - persona

How to Categorize Your Clients With CRM

best practicesJuly 20th 2021

egmentation is about classifying clients according to a precise list of objective criteria. Marketing segmentation helps you to allocate clients in different boxes instead of just one.

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What is the Best CRM Platform For Your Business?

CRMJuly 15th 2021

A CRM is a software that helps businesses manage customer interactions and leads. Every business needs CRM software as it can significantly improve business processes and performance. It can help businesses effectively manage their operations.  How to choose a CRM platform? Below are the best platforms that we recommend for your business. Kindly review each […]

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6 Tips on Choosing CRM Solutions for Pharmaceutical Companies

CRMJune 15th 2021

Finding the right CRM software for your business requires knowing your options. Here are tips on choosing CRM solutions for pharmaceutical companies.

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CRM Trends in 2021 for the Insurance Industry

eBooksGeneralApril 26th 2021

See how CRM systems aren’t only gaining interest but are also becoming a sheer necessity for a growing number of professionals in the insurance industry.

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