Sales strategies: are you ready for the new era?

How a CRM can boost your sales

2020 has turned out to be a historic year, and we quickly had to adapt to a world where face-to-face contact is limited, if not impossible. The situation has put businesses and consumers in an interesting position: we are all grappling with the same issues. Companies that are able to adapt will be the winners.

Through these trials, one thing has become clear: we all need to be nimble. How to stimulate prospect engagement virtually versus face-to-face? We will discuss this during our webinar where we will be pleased to share with you new sales force management practices, including:

  • reidentification of personas,
  • sales process mapping techniques 3.0,
  • the automation of clerical steps,
  • how to turn marketing automation into your best seller,
  • demystify artificial intelligence and its future in sales.

*the presentation is only available in french*