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These companies use Microsoft Dynamics

Client: Coca-Cola
Client: Columbia
Client: BMW
Client: Barrette
Client: TD
Client: Siemens

Top 5 things we like about Microsoft Dynamics 365

  1. Covers Many Functionalities
    Along with the usual CRM for sales, marketing and services, it is surrounded by other D365 products such as field service, operations, finance and project service automation.
  2. The Versatility of Microsoft
    Microsoft Dynamics 365 connects with all Microsoft products seamlessly; for example Teams, Outlook, Power BI, SharePoint, One Note, LinkedIn, Windows, Exchange, etc.
  3. The PowerPlatform
    Power Apps: Anyone who isn’t familiar with IT can build a PowerApp for a specific use, like for collaborators that don't need to be CRM users. This makes it simple for users and very cost-effective. It is also supported by the MDM, which has all the required data elements. Power BI: Make informed, confident business decisions by putting data-driven insights into everyone’s hands. Power Automate: Boost business productivity to get more done by giving everyone the ability to automate organizational processes. Power virtual agents: Easily build chatbots to engage conversationally with your customers and employees with no coding required.
  1. Easily Integrates With Non-Microsoft Products
    The core of this concept is the Microsoft Common Data Model, which is a shared business database. It is the glue that connects all data and processes so that you can say goodbye to multiple silos of information.
  2. Create Apps
    The possibility to create apps to manage different sets of users and their core functions. For example, the Sales module of Dynamics comes with an OOB app called Sales Hub. The Customer service module comes up with a Customer service Hub. Businesses can create as many custom module apps as required to set tailored experiences for all D365 users.

Top 5 things we like about Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing

  1. Easy Integration
    Integration of Dynamics 365 Marketing across Microsoft suite (Outlook, Teams, LinkedIn, etc.).
  2. Marketing KPIs
    Capability to understand prospect, lead and customer intent with marketing KPIs.
  3. Project Service
    The platform has a Project Service tool that facilitates marketing plan and calendar creation and management. Create and monitor tasks and keep a close tracking of milestones.
  1. Unified customer timeline
    Unified customer timeline for cross-channel analysis and access to real-time data.
  2. Artificial Intelligence
    Powerful AI models that predict customer needs and enable them to create relevant clusters for marketing initiatives.
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