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Sugar CRM

sugar CRM- CRM Implementation

Sugar CRM


Sugar CRM is the first world publisher of open source commercial solutions of customer relationship management. It allows companies to develop and easily integrate their client process while maintaining and developing even more profitable customer relationships.

  •      One of the best price/functionality ratios.
  •      Gartner fastest CRM solution evolution.
  •      Pre-packaged for industry vertical market.


Sales, Service Marketing, Succes
Completely web-based and integrated, with over 87,000 success stories, salesforce has a strong presence everywhere. Salesforce.com offers you what you need:

  •      Completely cloud-based, Salesforce.com integrates seamlessly with your work tools.
  •      Salesforce is the best-of-breed CRM solutions and has some of the most advanced and practical sales force automation functionalities.
  •      Salesforce provides a true 360-degree view of the customer, delivered directly from your most used applications.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics -CRM Implementation

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Drive sales productivity and deliver amazing
customer experiences

Microsoft Dynamics business solutions energize and empower customer engagement with real-time information and collaboration. As the world grows smaller and more complicated, technology plays an important role and enables individuals to drive their vision while also helping organizations to manage their end-to-end business processes.

  •      Dynamics CRM is one of the precious jewels in the Microsoft Crown.
  •      Over $2B invested in solutions development.

Oracle Sales Cloud

Sell More Anytime-Anywhere-Any Device

“Mobile first” is a great way to define this very powerful system which integrates extraordinarily well with Microsoft Outlook, as well as the Eloqua marketing automation tool, acquired by Oracle in 2013.

  •      Sales Cloud is powered by an Oracle solution.
  •      Includes an abundance of functionalities and advanced features.
  •      Most powerful territory management tools.
  •      Greatest reporting, dashboard and integrated Business Intelligence of all CRMs.
oracle-CRM implementation


Act-On-Solutions Metrix


Marketing Simplified – Revenue Multiplied.

Act-On is a software-as-a-service, cloud-based marketing automation solution. Its platform is purpose-built to give small and medium-sized marketing teams all the value of marketing automation – without the complexity big enterprise systems impose.

Act-On is designed to cultivate and engage your customers at every stage of their buying journey:

  •      Automated email drips.
  •      Simple social publishing.
  •      Powerful reporting.
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